FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a photography tour?

A photography tour is an organized small group tour with a specific focus on learning or improving your photography while travelling. The tours include accommodation, land transportation and some meals along with a guide and a professional photographer so you will get the most out of your trip. The cost of our tours is competitive with regular group tours with the added value of having a professional photographer to give you instruction and assistance throughout the trip. While there will be no formal classroom instruction in order to maximize your time visiting various sights, your host will be available to share tips and tricks at every stop and while travelling. During down times, you can review and share your images as well as get constructive critiques. Many tips are also shared between guests. It’s the best way to dive into a new (or old) hobby and make new friends.

What is a photography workshop?

A workshop lasts for a shorter duration than a tour and is localized to one city or region. Transportation and accommodation are typically not included if the workshop is happening in one of our hosts’ cities but we will be happy to help you if needed. Workshops may include classroom instruction as well as hands on practical experience. The cost of the workshop will cover the instructor’s time, a model (for portrait workshops) and venue rental (if applicable). Workshops can be set up for your group if you are visiting one of our hosts’ cities, including Halifax, Ottawa and Calgary. Please enquire if you would like a workshop in another city. Themes include: Photography 101, Nature, Landscape, Macro, Portrait, Architecture, Urban, Composition, and many more!

Do I need to have a specific type of camera?

While many photo enthusiasts own a D-SLR with interchangeable lenses, there are now very sophisticated cameras that are less cumbersome, including mirrorless cameras (more compact but still have the option to change lenses) and bridge cameras (with a powerful zoom lens that is fixed to the camera). Ultimately, a camera is simply a tool and as you learn about light and composition, great images can be made with the simplest of cameras – even your smartphone! So don’t worry about having the latest and greatest but if you are looking to upgrade, we’d be happy to help you out with some recommendations.

What gear do you recommend I bring?

Since recommended gear will vary depending on the destination, we will be sending you our checklist when you register for a tour. That said, some key items include: your camera, a second camera in case something happens to your main camera (this can be a small point & shoot or smart phone), a zoom lens (or 2) that include both wide angles and telephoto, a good camera bag that you can bring as carry-on, extra batteries, a charger, memory cards, a USB or small external drive to back-up your images. A rain cover is a good idea should it rain or be dusty. A tripod if you are interested in night photography, sunrise, sunset or long exposures (i.e. waterfalls). If there is specific equipment we feel will benefit you, we will advise you prior to departure.

My travel partner isn’t as interested in photography as I am. Will they still enjoy the tour?

If you have a patient spouse, partner, family member or friend, that is happy to take in the sights while we spend time composing and re-composing our pictures and talking about photography, they will certainly have a wonderful time. We’ve also found that by the end of the trip, they become more excited about photography and the images they’ve captured. We also try to include enough other activities and free time so you will feel like you had a chance to really immerse yourself in the local culture all while creating visual keepsakes. Some tours combine other interests, such as food and wine. Who doesn’t enjoy a good meal and great glass of wine after a day of shooting? Finally, we offer customized travel experiences if you are looking to travel on your own, as a couple, family or with your own small group. Please contact us with your request so we can put an itinerary and quote together for you.

Will there be time for image critique and hands on instruction?

Yes, we feel that image critique is one of the best ways to learn and improve your skills. While not obligatory, we encourage you to participate any time an image critique is being offered. Don’t be shy! Even hearing what is being said about other photographers’ images is a great way to learn. Hands-on instruction will happen informally depending on what we are visiting. For example, if we are visiting a waterfall or trying to photograph Northern Lights, your host will be sharing tips on how to get the best results and can give individual attention while you are setting up or if you are struggling to achieve the results you are hoping for. Again, don’t be shy! The host photographer is there to help you so please ask if you have a question or a problem.

Can I add-on days before or after the tour?

We offer land-only tours so you can do just that. Especially when travelling a great distance, it’s nice to arrive a day ahead to get over jet lag. And while travelling with a group is a blast, it’s nice to have a few days to explore on your own after a tour or move on to another destination so you can get the most bang out of your travel buck. We would be more than happy to help you arrange your flights, pre and post tour accommodation, excursions and/or itineraries.

I’m traveling on my own and don’t want to pay for a single supplement, can you find me a roommate?

Some suppliers have great single traveller policies while others, if a roommate cannot be found, will charge a single supplement. Some places may be able to accommodate a triple room so please let us know as early as possible that you would like to come on a tour and what your preference would be so we can try to find the best arrangement.

What is your cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy depends on the tour. Please read the flyer carefully for more details and contact us should you have any questions.