Vanessa Dewson, CPA
Founder/Travel Counsellor/Host
Ottawa, Ontario

Travel led to my love of photography, I can’t imagine one without the other. I am an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada and recently earned my Craftsman of Photographic Arts as well as several awards for my travel photography. I am also a part-time instructor of photography with the Ottawa School of Art. I have travelled extensively since I was a teenager, including living in Mauritius and South Africa. I’ve also been to Europe, Turkey, Hong Kong, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, many parts of the USA including Alaska and have led photography tours to India and Iceland. I can’t think of a better way to combine my two passions of travel and photography than planning and hosting a photography tour. Join me on a future tour or let me help you plan a trip with a focus on photography.  UPCOMING TOUR: Sri Lanka, January 2017

Jennifer Boggett
Ottawa, Ontario

I love travel, adventure and new experiences. My passion for photography started with wanting to capture the memories of my travels. I love looking back at pictures and remembering the people I met and places I visited and how I felt about them. I’ve been an avid traveller since I was little – including living on a sailboat and visiting many incredible places over the years.

I opened Jennifer Boggett Photography 7 years ago after years of training and classes. My favourite photography assignments have been the destination weddings and events I’ve been commissioned to shoot. These have taken me to Italy, Spain, France and Guatemala.

Mentoring other photographers is also a passion. Hands on, in the field instruction is my absolute favourite way to teach. I love being able to help guide someone to take the photo they see in their head. I love seeing other photographers creative visions come to life.

I look forward to new adventures and meeting new people as a host with Focus on Photography Tours.

Tracy Photo
Tracy Elliott
Calgary, Alberta

Tracy Elliott is an Alberta based photographer who loves combining adventure with his camera. His Dad started him on the path to this wonderful way of expressing himself when he was quite young and he has had a camera in his hand ever since. He has studied art and photography all through high school and University where he definitively learned that he can’t draw or paint, but a camera did feel very natural. Along with taking pictures Tracy also has a love for doing anything outside. Photography is an inherent part of anywhere he goes.

Over the years Tracy has done many different types of photography; landscape, sports, portrait, real estate, wedding and event. Since 2007 he has had the opportunity to teach photography for the Continuing Education department at Mount Royal University. He has developed most of the courses for the department and loves teaching students the finer points of photography.

Through Mount Royal, and privately, Tracy has conducted many workshops from ice climbing photography to photographing landscapes in places like Banff and Waterton National Parks.

“I love learning about photography, teaching photography, talking about photography, and of course taking photos.”

Tracy lives with his wife and daughter in Calgary Alberta.

Upcoming Tour: Iceland – August 2017

Rick Millette
Ottawa, Ontario

I’ve always been fascinated by photography. My first camera was a 35MM Topcon which led to an obsession of taking pictures of my children as they were growing up.

In 2003, I entered the world of videography.  It started with my son’s hockey games and it quickly led to people asking me if I could do the same for their weddings.  While I enjoyed videography, I was also multitasking and indulging my love of photography at the same time. People started to notice my work and so, in 2008, I decided to focus solely on photography.

In 2010, I started taking courses through Algonquin College to augment my technical skills.  Since then, I have won the top award in the World Wide Photo Walk for Ottawa, and several of my “Canadiana” pictures have been purchased by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for framing and distribution through its Merit Award Program.  I have clients around the world who have purchased many of my travel-related and wildlife photos for display in their homes.

On most days, you can find me with a camera and talking about photography.  Night shooting, landscapes, wildlife, and portraiture – I enjoy them all – but my main interest is photo-journalistic style photos.

Photography allows me to share the beauty I see this world has to offer.  It could be the tears of joy when a Cancer Survivor crosses the 60km finish line and hugs her parents, or the simple timeless beauty of the ocean waves under a breathtaking sunset.  Above all, I enjoy the interaction with people, making new friends, being given the opportunity to capture their special lifetime moments and teaching others how to capture those memories.

Sandy Sharkey
Ottawa, Ontario

Sandy Sharkey is a former Ottawa morning show radio announcer who is now following one of her lifelong passions: horse photography.   From a very young age, Sandy was drawing horses on the back of grade school assignments. She eventually discovered new freedom behind a camera lens; travelling extensively to find and photograph her favourite subject: the wild horse.

In 2013, Sandy photographed wild American mustangs that had been displaced from public lands in Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. Her next subjects were Costa Rican horses, against a backdrop of rivers and jungles. In June 2014 Sandy spent three days photographing Canada’s rugged and sturdy wild horses on Sable Island.   She returned to Sable Island in June 2016 to observe and photograph the iconic horses that dreams are made of.

Sandy’s images have appeared in several publications and her work adorns the walls of public spaces and private homes alike.

Along with photographer Vanessa Dewson, Sandy Sharkey is thrilled to be co-hosting a remarkable journey to France in May 2017 to photograph the majestic horses of the Camargue region.

Coupled with exceptional opportunities for tasting wines from one of the world’s finest wine regions, we hope you can join us for ‘Horses and Wine’ next spring!

Upcoming Tour: Horses & Wine in Southern France