New Hosts and New Tour to South Africa in May 2021!

I’m very excited to introduce you to a fantastic photography duo – Kevin & Sheryl Minnett. I met them while on a special expedition to photograph wild grizzlies in northern British Columbia this past June. We share similar passions that include travel and teaching photography and they were interested in doing workshops abroad, including South Africa, so we put together a really exciting trip for anyone who really wants to spend time with African wildlife and hone their skills as a photographer. Check out the details here.

In order to get to know them better, I asked them to answer a few questions:

When did you catch the travel bug?

We have been partners in life for over 30 years. We did not step on a plane until our 10th anniversary but have traveled to over 50 different countries since then.

Our passion for photography began more than 20 years ago while volunteering in Mali, West Africa and Bolivia, South America where we soon learned the beautiful people we encountered needed to have their story told, and the best way we could do that was through images. For more than 10 years, we participated in sustainable community development and led teams of volunteers to these regions. So, when it comes to logistics, traveling with groups, and exploring new territory we have a bit of experience behind us.

Where was the last trip you took?

Our last trip was to the pristine wilderness of northern British Columbia, photographing grizzly bears. Here’s a favourite photo from that trip.

© Kevin & Sheryl Photography

What is your favourite genre of photography and why?

We have done wedding, portrait, lifestyle, wildlife and travel photography. What we love about wildlife photography is being connected with nature and being inspired by the natural beauty in our world. We also love that nature brings us something different every day.

Canon or Nikon?

We shoot with Canon, but we like to think the best camera is the one that is in your hands.

What’s your favourite travel lens?

Kevin’s favourite wildlife lens is the 500mm, whereas Sheryl likes the 300mm. For travel or landscapes, we like the 16-35mm; but we don’t often leave home without also bringing a 24-70mm and 70-200mm. We never know what we will come across, so we like to be prepared.

What are your best tips for travelling with photography equipment?

Our camera bodies, lenses, memory cards, and batteries always come on the plane with us. We can find ways to survive without a tripod or monopod but we are stuck if we don’t have a camera, a lens, and something to write those photos to. We also don’t leave home without something to back up our images.

What’s the best part about hosting a photo tour?

Like any craft, we are always learning something new and developing our skills as photographers. The best part about mentoring and working with other photographers is seeing that spark, that a-ha moment when something has clicked and they say yes, I’ve got it!

In our photo tours and workshops, we aim to give personalized instruction, to create a positive experience, and to provide you with photographic opportunities for those shots you can’t wait to take home and share. We have a few unknown travel destinations coming up and our next photo tour will be in May 2021. We can’t wait to help people create some fantastic images in beautiful South Africa!

Where can we see more of your work?


Facebook – wildlife

Facebook – travel (and lifestyle)

Instagram – wildlife

Instagram – travel (and lifestyle)

What’s your next tour?

South Africa in June 2020 – we hope you can join us!

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