France: Horses & Wine Photo Tour – Day 4

After an exhilarating day with the horses, we got to sleep in a bit and have a nice breakfast at the hotel before checking out and heading over the Parc Ornithologique Pont de Gau. I highly recommend a stop here whether you are a bird nerd or not. While there are a couple of aviaries for owls most birds are free and there are lots of walkways surrounding the ponds where you will get to see a lot of flamingoes and a variety of heron and other water birds. We also saw a coypu (aka river rat). It’s about the size of our beavers but has a long skinny and hairy tail. It does look like a giant rat, only cuter.

We then made our way to a hotel/restautant on a hillside near Châteauneuf-du-Pape called Château des Fines Roches. While I’m sure it would have been lovely to stay overnight, we simply stopped for a wonderful meal and some wine tasting. We sat outside with a great view of the valley, surrounded by vineyards. What a treat!

After taking a few scenic photos, we made our way to Avignon where we got to walk around inside the old walled city, photograph the famous ‘Pont d’Avignon’ and where Sandy got to photograph horses of a different kind (on a carousel). Another picture perfect day in France!

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