France: Horses & Wine Photo Tour – Day 3

Today was the day we’d all been waiting for and what my co-host Sandy had dreamed of for years – photographing the Camargue horses running through water. Sandy gave us a few tips on horse behaviour – nose to nose is not a sign of affection but a challenge. Same with bum to bum – that’s when a horse might buck so best to move out of the way. The other important safety tip was that once the horses started running towards us – DO NOT MOVE! Stand your ground and the horses will see us and go around. Luckily, we were all able to stick to that one and it was pretty exhilarating . As someone who hasn’t been around horses much, I finally found out where the term ‘horsing around’ comes from. These animals were very curious and quite playful and goofy. At one point, they were all rolling in the sand having a grand old time. So much for pristine ‘white’ horses of Camargue!

We had a sunrise shoot and then after a nice long break at the hotel to relax, we went back out for a sunset session with the horses. The ‘Manadiers’ (horse handlers) did a great job leading the herd and helping us get some incredible images! The sunset was pretty spectacular so I had to capture that as well. What an amazing day!

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