South Africa Photo Tour – Day 1

Today was still a travel day for one of our guests but those of us who got here early decided to hike up Lion’s Head Peak. It’s the smallest of the three famous mountains that form the beautiful background of Cape Town but it’s probably one of the most challenging hikes – lots of scrambling and definitely nerve wracking if you have a fear of heights. I first hiked this peak 17 years ago so I’m proud I made it up but my knees definitely let me feel my age on the way down.

We then took a short cab ride over to Table Mountain and took the easy route up – by cable car. The clouds had been rolling over the top of table mountain all morning but there were openings so we took a chance. The view was great and we were treated to quite a show by a slew of rock dassies (aka rock hyrax). By the time we had a bite to eat, the clouds had pretty much settled on the top (the tablecloth as it’s called) and the air had a real bite to it. Yes, even us Canadians complained about how cold it was! So we were more than happy to come down, settle in our hotel for a rest and then meet up for a welcome dinner at a great restaurant in the V&A Waterfront – Sevruga. Here’s to the start of a great tour!

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