South Africa Photo Tour – Day 6

We began the day by visiting the Cango Caves. There are a few cave paintings near the opening but the real draw are the caves themselves. I took my tripod out for a few long exposure images to capture the beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites.

After the caves, we had a cheetah experience at the Cango Wildlife Ranch. Hard not to grin when you get a chance to pet a cheetah!

We then headed to an ostrich farm for lunch (a delicious ostrich steak) and a tour. We even got to see a newly hatched chick! Dad was minding the nest and it was nice to see a balance of responsibility.

After the tour, we drove to Knysna on the Indian Ocean for the next 2 nights. In June, it was hit by devastating fires for 2 weeks that killed 6 people, including a firefighter and destroyed over 1000 properties along the Garden Route with Knysna being the hardest hit. Some rebuidling has started but we saw some of the devastation on the drive into town and I can’t imagine how frightening it must of been.

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